Recommended Listening

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but Switched on Pop is one of my favorite podcasts – it fits right into my niche interests of music analysis and the music industry. Having said that, I think it has enough broad appeal that it’s not as dry as I’ve just made it sound. There have been a couple of standout episodes recently:

This is a crossover that Switched on Pop’s Charlie Harding did with another podcast, Decoder. The result is a wonderful explainer of the nuances behind the license types involved when you listen to music, and why payouts vary depending on the service type you use. (My only quibble is that they conflate performance and publishing royalties, but the basic concepts are defined well otherwise.)

I also loved this episode:

This album has been such a joy, and I appreciate it even more after listening to this interview. I even kind of understand the Taylor Swift involvement! I’ve always wished her sound had a little more grit; as it turns out, some of that is in the mixing.